Monday, 16 January 2012

Hello friends and well-wishers alike, and welcome to One Boy, 1-Up! I’ve always found introductory passages to be cripplingly difficult to write, as you need both to entice a skeptical audience as well as do battle with your own inner anxieties of whether or not you’re penning something that is worthy of being read. However, solace can be found in the fact that there is only ever one beginning and that as of right now both you and I are starting on a path of which we take together on our own accord. A path that we hope, in the end, will yield a greater sense of understanding of not only what we read, write and discuss, but also of each-other.
But enough of this aureate bullshit.

My reason for starting this blog is very simple. I’d love to write you things about the things I like, in hopes that either you will, or already, like them too, and want to read about them. But, as the title suggests, I’ll mostly be talking about video-games as they’re a large part of what I like and also tend to encompass the other things as well (music, stories, etc.). By no means do I intend to spew out ham-handed reviews (I’m sure there will be some once in a while, but I’ll leave them mostly to my betters), but rather posts having to do with intriguing aspects of games and game-culture. So stay tuned!
Checkpoint reached: Save game.

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